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About Us

With a global talent reach, Jobists creates teams using only the Top 1% Software Professionals in the technology industry. We receive more than 120,000 job application each year, and after a rigorous interviewing and evaluation process, we hire 1% of those applicants. Our proprietary Jobists Suite™ allows us to provide qualified candidates and staff open positions in a matter of days, regardless of the team size or role complexity.

Our Hiring Process

The shortage of talents in the industry created a significant problem for business owners. Admittedly, five companies are competing for every top-tier candidates available, and the qualified ones are scarce. The crisis is such that one million computer-related jobs in the US are expected to go unfilled by 2020. In the United States, Software Engineers leads the hardest to fill positions for the past decade. The most important skill gaps are related to big data, data science, and data management. In this context, organizations choose to hire developers or development teams from dedicated outsourcing companies to help their HR departments faced with this reality.

  • Job Applications
  • Phone Screening
  • Online Tests
  • Technical Interview
  • Job Offer
  • Project Execution